The Dad's Guide to Planning the Perfect Mothers Day

With Mothers Day around the corner, don't wait until the last minute to plan something special for the Mom's in your life. We've got tips on how to make this Mothers Day an extra special day to remember.

Find her love language

What truly matters to Mommy is different from one person to the next. To get to the heart of what makes her heart happy, consider the 5 love languages, and which one fits her best. Figuring out what her primary and secondary love languages are, will help you customise this Mothers Day and make her feel appreciated to the ends of the earth.

Here are the 5 love languages, and ideas for how you and the kids can prepare to make this Mothers Day special for her.

Words of affirmation

Mom's have a tough, and many times thankless job. A little verbal praise goes a long way, especially on Mothers Day. Take a pause to say how much you appreciate her. You can write and mail her a letter, or come up with a fun Mothers Day poem with the kids.

Sit down with your kids and write a list of all the reasons they're thankful for her, then take turns telling her each persons favourite part about mommy. You can even write the messages on post it notes and hide them all over the house for her to find. Nothing says I love you, like finding little hidden notes for weeks to come.

Acts of Service

Offering help without being asked is a wonderful way to show her (and your children), that you care. If your partner loves it when you accomplish things around the house, it's a great moment to look at her "honey do" list. Helping with chores and odd jobs around the house is a great way to show your appreciation, and participate more in the normal house operations.

Get up early with the kids to cook her breakfast (and do the dishes). Other examples of helpful acts of service are house chores, cooking, taking the kids out, cleaning the car, walking the dog, or anything else that she typically handles.


What woman doesn't like a nice gift? Gifts are a wonderful go to for any occasion. Just make sure you're personalising it to what she would like.

Or, even better... Take a moment to plan a Mothers Day craft with the kids. Handmade gifts are always a winner, and a great way to get your kids involved in the celebration. You can craft egg carton flowers, handprint keepsakes, or cards. If you really want to impress, pamper mommy with some Homemade Organic Sugar Scrub. It's easier than you might think to whip it up!

Involving your kids in the gift making will build great memories, and you might even start a fun new family tradition for celebrating Mommy.

Quality Time

Sometimes time, is the most precious gift of all. Plan a nice family picnic, and get the kids to help prepare it. Go for a bike ride, play games, or order in from her favourite restaurant.

Put the phones down, turn off the television, stop working, and focus in on her. Talking, laughing and spending time together is a wonderful way to make mom feel loved and strengthen the family bond.

Physical Touch

If hugs are her thing, then open those arms wide for some big bear hugs! Get cozy with your family and make mom the center of the cuddle puddle. Give her a massage, or rub her feet. Treat her to an at home spa treatment, with you as the masseuse.

If she loves date night, but you're not able to get out, create a date night in. Make (or order) a great dinner, and take her "dancing", even if it's in your living room. A little twirl around the room to "your song" will make any woman's heart happy.

Lead by Example

There's no end to the thoughtful things you can do for any woman in your life. Whether it be your own mother, sister, or wife, take a moment to celebrate the important roles they play as mothers and care givers.

Your children are always watching, no matter how old they are. Lead by example, and teach them what it looks like to celebrate and appreciate all the wonderful things that make Mommy the best.


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