How to Make a Fizzy Color Tray for all Ages

Want an activity that will occupy your child for more than 30 seconds? Try a fizzy tray! It only takes a minute to put together, and requires common around the house materials. It will keep your kids entertained for as long as the baking soda lasts!

Tools for creating a fizzy tray

A fizzy tray is a great way to keep kids busy. No matter the age, you can find a way to make it work for their motor abilities. If they can’t work a syringe, then try giving them an eye dropper or soup spoon to use.

Here are the tools needed to create a fizzy tray…

  • A glass casserole dish

  • Baking soda – the more the better!

  • White vinegar

  • Small cups

  • Food coloring

  • Syringes, eye droppers or spoons (depending on motor abilities)

  • Table cloth

How to assemble a fizzy tray

This craft takes 2 minutes to put together, here’s what you do…

  • Spread the baking soda evenly in the glass baking dish.

  • Pour white vinegar into the cups. Deluding the mixture with a little water will help mask the smell and give more solution for the activity.

  • Drop the food coloring into the cups and stir.

  • Set up your table with table cloth, syringes, eye droppers, or spoons.

  • Get your kids in position and let the fun begin!

Have older children? Make a volcano instead!

Teach older children about geology by making a fizzy volcano instead! First, grab a small bottle and cardboard or construction paper. Use tape to make the volcano cone. Once the cone is finished, place it over the opening of the bottle. Carefully sprinkle in baking soda, then add vinegar (with red food coloring) and watch the volcano erupt!

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