Handmade Father’s Day T-Shirt... 2 Ways!

Need a quick and cool gift for Father's Day?! Let your kids design their own t-shirt for Dad! Here are two ideas for how to design an awesome shirt for Dad this year.

Dad crafts are rad!

Nothing says I love you, like a handmade gift. This year, craft a Father’s Day gift Dad will wear with pride. This unique craft is suitable for a variety of ages, and only takes 10 minutes or less to make.

Materials Needed

This super cool handmade shirt only takes a few minutes to prepare, and requires tools you likely already have on hand. Here’s what you need…

· Painters Tape – Any size can work

· Markers or fabric finger paint. We love MUCKI Finger paint for fabrics. It washes off hands SO easily!

· T-shirt

· Optional: Old square of cardboard to wrap the t-shirt around

Father’s Day t-shirt instructions

Once you’ve gathered the materials, it’s simple to make the shirt. Here’s what you do….

1. Tape the outside borders of the t-shirt.

2. Add any accent tape inside the border. You can get creative and spell out Dad's name, or make any shape you want with the tape.

3. To make sure the art stays contained within the area, wrap the t-shirt around an old square of cardboard.

4. Let your child color or paint a special picture especially for dad.

5. When they're finished, carefully pull off the tape to reveal the design! If you're working with paint, wait for the paint to dry before removing the tape.

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