Easter Hand and Foot Keepsakes for any Age

Nothing is more adorable than little hands and feet. Hand and footprint keepsakes will bring you (and the grandparents) joy for years to come. Here are some Easter themed craft ideas that forever capture the cuteness of those little fingers and toes.

Hand and Foot Crafting Ideas for all Ages

When it comes to creating hand and foot art, the sky is the limit! You can create a variety of different shapes and figures with hand and footprints. Here's a basic checklist of tools you need...

· Paint – various colors

· Plates - for spreading the paint

· Tablecloth – to contain the mess!

· Construction paper – white or various colors

· Scissors – Here are our favorite safety scissors for kids

· Cotton balls – for making bunnies

· Feathers – for making chicks

· Googley eyes

Once you have all your tools, it’s time to get messy! Let your child explore the texture of the paint, and help guide them in transferring a handprint. The smaller the child, the harder this might be, so have extra paper on hand!

When you get a good print, set it aside until it dries. Then cut out the form and add any extras like a nose, eyes, feathers, or cottontails. Mail it to family members, or display it proudly on the refrigerator.

Easter Hand and Footprint ideas

Here’s a list of our favorite Easter hand and foot crafts to give you some ideas…

  • Baby chick handprints

  • Carrot footprints

  • Bunny footprints

  • Fingerprint sheep: By Happy Morning

  • Handprint sheep – Use black paint for the handprint. Then glue cotton balls on the body. The thumb is the head, and the fingers are the legs.

  • Easter egg or Flower fingerprints – Cut an Easter egg (of flower) shaped paper, and create cool patterns with finger prints.

Footprint Tips

If your child is bigger, it’s easier to do this craft on the floor. Put down something to protect the ground, and let them experiment with stepping in the paint. Just make sure they don't run away!

Don’t want to deal with messy paint? No problem, simply trace your child’s and cut out the form. You can achieve the same decorations without the mess!

Have fun! We'd love to see your creations, so post pictures and tag @ElbysOrganics!


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