Toddlers might be little, but they’ve got big opinions! What was once their favorite vegetable, may be tossed aside in an instant as they grow into their independence. 


Let’s face it, sometimes getting them to eat healthy food is a chore. That’s where we come in. We happily hide vegetables in all of our products, making it a little easier to deliver proper nutrients, even on the most stubborn of days.


By playing a game of hide and seek with our vegetables, your kids won’t realize they’re eating healthy, but you will... Shhhh! 

We’re also driven to make your life easier.Through peeling, chopping, grating and cooking all the veggies, we eliminate busy work from the kitchen. Alongside our delicious, fresh and nutritious toddler food, we provide families with the most precious commodity of all...more time together.

Fresh & healthy food for
the smallest of customers

Story Time


We are women on a mission to help make your lives a little bit easier in the kitchen.


Elby’s Organics was inspired by a collaboration of two friends that sought to share their love of clean, fresh, homemade food with the world. Their names merged to create Elby, which also pays tribute to the place where they met - the Elbe in beautiful Hamburg. Together they share a passion for helping others, swapping recipes, and a dream to make the food industry a bit better. They are motivated to show it’s possible to combine homemade goodness with convenience. 


They hope to initiate a conversation where the words homemade and convenience can be used in the same sentence when discussing food. And are committed to providing busy parents a little more help in the kitchen.    

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