Our Mission

Elby’s Organics provides fresh, wholesome meal-helper options for toddlers, allowing busy parents to focus on the important work of raising a family.

Our small batch cooking maintains nutritional integrity, while our techniques do not sacrifice taste for speed. We aim to eliminate common allergens, making our products safe for sensitive tummies.


We pledge transparency and truth.

No false claims and no hidden ingredients
or agendas. Only the best, from our
kitchen to yours.

Our Values


It takes a village to raise a child, and we believe in supporting that village. We nurture our community by working with local professionals, whether it be the struggling service industry or moms who are trying to return to the workforce.


We're committed to maintaining a high level of global responsibility across our entire product lifecycle. From ingredient sourcing, to packaging, distribution and waste reduction.

We bring you high quality products in the most sustainable way possible.

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